Welcome by the IRIS group!

                                                    part of SIMTI  - MATERIALS SCIENCE AND

                                     ENGINEERING FOR INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES Institute

Our research interests are highly multidisciplinary and span over the design of functional materials (inorganic, organic and composites), the development and optimization of rapid prototyping processes, including electrospinning and 3D printing techniques of hybrid organic-inorganic formulations, and the advanced materials characterization (rheology, micro-nano tomography, morphological analysis at the nanoscale).

Our central goal is to develop new and multifunctional solutions for several applications fields, ranging from regenerative medicine (i.e. 3D scaffolds, nanocarriers for therapeutic delivery, cements) to energy and environmental applications.

The IRIS group has consolidated collaborations with top-ranked international and national research institutions (Charité-Berlin, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, MERLN-Maastricht, Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli), also in the frame of EU-funded projects, and with regional industrial partners for the design of novel solutions and their technology-transfer.


A new paper in the ERC BOOST and FARE GRACE projects framework has just been published!

IRIS group have just published in International Journal of Molecular Sciences an article entitled “PEG-Coated Large Mesoporous Silicas as Smart Platform for Protein Delivery and Their Use in a Collagen-Based Formulation for 3D Printing”.

A new publication by IRIS group has been released within the H2020 GIOTTO project

IRIS group in collaboration with project partner NOVAICOS have just published in Nanomaterials an article entitled “Sr-Containing Mesoporous Bioactive Glasses Bio-Functionalized with Recombinant ICOS-Fc: An In Vitro Study”.