The official video of Best4Hy H2020 project

The Best4Hy project's video is out. Curious? Click on the post!


Welcome Alice, the new PhD student of the group

Starting from the 1st of November, Alice Benedetto Mass will be part of IRIS group as PhD Student in Bioengineering and Medical-Surgical Sciences programme. Her research will be mainly focus on the development of biomaterials through additive manufacturing technologies.


ERC BOOST paper nominated for the “Nanomaterials 2022 Best Paper Award"

The amazing work carried out in collaboration with Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli and Università Politecnica della Marche concerning the development and biological validation of biomimetic scaffolds inspired by the complex nature of bone tissue is candidated for the Best Paper Award 2022 of Nanomaterials journal. 


Another cover for the IRIS Group!

The hybrid 3D printed scaffold able to mimic the TGF-β1 footprint of human bone tissue developed in the frame of GRACE and ERC BOOST projects is on the cover of the 14(5),2022 volume of Polymers journal.

ERC BOOST and GRACE group have successfully mimicked the footprint of growth factor of human bone tissue.

Has been just published in Polymers the development of a collagen-based 3D printed scaffold containing PLGA nanoparticles able to mimic the TGF-β1 growth factor footprint of human bone tissue.

ERC BOOST project is on the cover!

The co-culture method of human-derived osteoblasts and osteoclasts developed in the frame of the ERC BOOST is on the cover of the 5th volume of Methods and Protocols journal.

Strontium functionating biomaterials Review has been just published by ERC BOOST Team.

An interesting Review concerning Strontium Functionalization of Biomaterials for Bone Tissue Engineering Purposes from a Biological Point of View has been just published on Materials

Best Poster Award @ INSTM2022 for BEST4Hy project

The PhD Student Sofia Saffirio won the Best Poster Award at XIII Convegno Nazionale INSTM.



BEST4Hy project has been awarded as “Best Success Story” at the European Hydrogen Week 2021.

A new paper in the ERC BOOST and FARE GRACE projects framework has just been published!

IRIS group have just published in International Journal of Molecular Sciences an article entitled “PEG-Coated Large Mesoporous Silicas as Smart Platform for Protein Delivery and Their Use in a Collagen-Based Formulation for 3D Printing”.